They Gave Away My Surgery Slot!!!!

I am having a truly horrid day.  Not only did things go badly at the hospital this morning but I managed to get locked out of my house this morning in bare feet (I had answered the door for a delivery and a gust of wind blew the inside door shut).  Thankfully the delivery man borrowed a ladder from a workman down the street, shimmied into an open window on the second floor and opened the door.  Of course, that was just the icing on the cake.  It was the bad hospital experience that really embroiled me.  I have sent a complaint letter to the hospital and cc’d the chief of bariatric surgery.  Below is a copy of the letter:

I am trying to be positive but, the more I think about it, the more distressed I become about the treatment that I received today.  In fact, I don’t really know why I am bothering to write to you, as I have sent two previous e-mails to this address (Karen) and received no reply.

When I arrived for my appointment this morning, Debbie behaved very unprofessionally; treating me like a naughty child.  For my part, I have done my best to follow the instructions from your office, and I have been present at every meeting scheduled.  Apparently someone in your office mis-transcribed my telephone number and this simple mistake has cost me my surgery time-slot and caused me considerable distress.

I attended the pre-assessment clinic on May 20 and, after meeting with the nutritionist and surgeon I was told that it was too soon for me to meet with the anesthetist and that I should return on July 1 at 9:40 am.  I did not receive and messages or letters confirming the appointment, so I tried calling the office.  After calling several times without answer on Tuesday, I tried again on Wednesday.  Several attempts later I decided to leave a voice message asking for confirmation of my appointment.  I got no reply and decided that the best action was to come to my appointment as scheduled.  I arrived this morning and was told that the clinic had been moved and, after being yelled at for missing the clinic that I did not now existed, I learned that my surgery date had been given away!

This is not the first time that this office has let me down.  I tried to begin the surgery process in November of 2009, but, apparently my file was “lost.”  A suggestion was made that the fax number had been changed and that perhaps my GP’s request was never received.  I cannot know.  I was forced to restart the referral process again in January, losing two months in the confusion.  Then, in June, when I was suffering considerable anguish at the prospect of surgery I sent two e-mails requesting an appointment with either a nurse or a counsellor.  I could not find the contact details for the psychologist so I hoped you would be able to help.  I did not get any reply.  I have muddled through my fears and, just when I have made my peace with the surgery, I now learn that due to an error in your office my surgery is once again delayed.  I am disappointed.

Debbie has apologised and I accept her apology.  I can only hope that my care improves from today.

I hope that my letter makes a difference.  *big sigh*


About afwc

I am a 30-something woman who has been struggling with weight issues since my marriage in 1999.
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