So I thought that I was invincible.  At least, I thought that I could eat as I liked (which is close to super-hero status in my books).  Lately I have been eating plenty of solid protein in the form of chicken, beef, pork, lamb and cheese.  Everything was going well until the other night when I ate 1/2 a meatball too many.  At first I thought that I was fine.  I felt as though I had something stuck in my chest, but it was not unlike the feeling I sometimes had pre-surgery when I needed a gulp of water to wash something down.  Thankfully, I have learned my lesson about taking a swig too soon after eating (this has led me to vomit in the past) so I sat back and waited.  Suddenly my mouth began to fill with saliva.  I rush to the washroom and feared that I would throw up, but instead the saliva just continued to pool inside my mouth.  Soon I had a mouth full of spit and the fluid continued to flow.  This attack of “the foamies” lasted about ten minutes.  Overall, it was not the worst thing that could have happened but it has reminded me that I have to take care.  I am not Wonder-woman and I cannot eat whatever I like, as quickly as I would like.

About afwc

I am a 30-something woman who has been struggling with weight issues since my marriage in 1999.
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