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Weight Loss Boards

This post is about two extremes, one of my loves and one of my pet hates.  I love xtranormal, the text-into-movie site.  I find their whole concept amazing and many of the videos that people have made using their service … Continue reading

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Letter From The Doctor

The NHS really impresses me.  So many people complain about it, and yet I have had really wonderful service.  Ok, the office management at the hospital leaves something to be desired, but overall I have had excellent care.  One particularly … Continue reading

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Victory Is Mine

These past few days have been chock-a-block with awesomeness.   I feel like I have turned a corner and that I am making some real progress. Last week I took a long look at the things that have been delaying my weight-loss … Continue reading

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Three Month Check Up

A couple of weeks ago I went to the hospital for my three month post-operative check up.  Thankfully, everything has been going fairly well for me, so I was not concerned about what the doctor might find.  Two weeks before … Continue reading

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I Have Not Forgotten This Blog

Firstly, I apologise for being away for so long.  I didn’t plan to abandon the blog, but somehow I just didn’t feel the need/desire to log my feelings.  The more I stayed away, the more I started to think that … Continue reading

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