Letter From The Doctor

The NHS really impresses me.  So many people complain about it, and yet I have had really wonderful service.  Ok, the office management at the hospital leaves something to be desired, but overall I have had excellent care.  One particularly shining example of their practicality is the fact that all caregivers communicate with each other and include the patient in the loop.  I love that I get a copy of the correspondence between my doctors!

Today a copy of the letter sent by my surgeon’s office to my GP arrived in the mail.  The letter outlines the details of my three month follow-up appointment and the results of my blood tests.  Here is what it says:

Dear Dr. X,

I reviewed this lady in clinic today, she had a sleeve gastrectomy performed on 20th July 2010.

She feels extremely well and feels and feels that the whole experience has been extremely positive.  She sometimes feels hungry but she does feel full after eating and this is prolonged for several hours.  She has no problems with vomiting.  Her bowels are open daily and are normal.  She has no abdominal pain.  Her fluid intake is excellent at two litres a day.  She has three meals a day and one snack and enjoys good sources of protein, carbohydrate and fibre.  She has no problems with brittle nails or hair loss.


1. Multivitamin and Mineral od

2. Lansoprazole od

3. Ursodeoxycholic Acid od

4. Duloxetine 30mg od

5. Thyroxine 75mcg od

6. Calcichew D3 Forte od

Blood Test Results

Iron 4, TIBC 63, Transferring Sat 6, Hgb 11.1, MCV 80.2, Platlets 285, TSH 0.57, FT4 14.2, Ferritin 7, Cholesterol 3.6, Trig 0.65, HDL 0.81, LDL 2.49, Chol HDL Ratio 4.44, B12 7.6, Fasting Glucose 4.5, Folic Acid 214.3, PTH 5.8, Creatinine 66, ALT 22, ALP 103, Vitamin D 79, HbA1c 33

Her preoperative weight was 114.5 kg.  Her weight today is 97.5 kg.  Her blood pressure was 131/92mm/Hg.

Summary and Plan

The blood results have been reviewed by our Clinical Fellow who suggests:

Starting Ferrous Fumerate 322mgs OD as she has iron deficiency anaemia.  This would need to be taken at a different time to her Calcichew as it would affect the absorption.

We will make an appointment for her to be seen in six months time for our Telephone Clinic.

In the interim, if she having any problems she has our contact details to call us, but overall she has done extremely well and we are pleased with her progress.

With kind regards

I like positive reviews!  Of course, I wish that I did not have to add another pill, but I also know that I will losing the Ursodeoxycholic Acid in a couple of months so it is not too bad (it is a pill taken 4x daily for six months to help prevent gallbladder issues).

I love that I have this information for my files and that I can track my physiological and chemical progress.  Now I have to go and look up what some of these things mean . . .


About afwc

I am a 30-something woman who has been struggling with weight issues since my marriage in 1999.
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1 Response to Letter From The Doctor

  1. Becka says:

    It’d be cool to have all that progress to track against. A++ for the communications!

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